fully depleted CCD detectors


PAUCam contains 18 red-sensitive fully depleted CCD detectors. The CCD detectors used to build PAUCam are manufactured by Hamamatsu Photonics K. K. with the reference S10892-04(X). The active size is composed by 2K × 4K square pixels of 15 μm. The device is n-type and uses four outputs. The focal plane is composed by a mosaic of 18 CCDs. All CCDs can be used as science sensors, but, alternatively, two of them can be used to guide the telescope for large exposure times.




The focal plane is composed by a mosaic of 18 detectors. They are distributed and numbered as follows, as seen in the sky:


The orientation with respect to the WHT North and East is assuming a sky position angle of 0 deg. Detectors 12 and 17 might be dedicated for auto guiding.

quantum efficiency

Quantum efficiency test performed in the optical bench in Barcelona automatically changing the monochromator wavelength, the grating turret, the pass-band filter and measuring simultaneously the signal of the reference photo-diode.