The data management system

PAUdm overview

The PAU data management system aims to transfer, archive, process, calibrate and distribute the data received from the instrument. All the information is stored and processed at the Port d’Informació Científica (PIC). A custom job orchestration system (BrownThrower 2.0) has been developed specifically for PAU, allowing a powerful and flexible pipeline to be quickly analyzed few hours after the observation.

the pixel simulation pipeline

PAUSim mosaic
To develop the operation system and to demonstrate the data reduction concept we developed a pixel simulation pipeline, that is able to produce realistic PAUCam RAW images following the Survey Strategy.

the nightly pipeline

Nightly data reduction

The nightly pipeline delivers basic image detrending (flat-fielding, cosmic ray rejection, optical distortion correction…) and an innovative photometric calibration to deliver accurate zeropoints over broad and narrow band images.
PAUdm photometric concept
Find here a sample narrow band image of PAUS.